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Slots sure have taken the world by storm. Being the most nerdy slots fanatics around in Canada we teach you everything and more about what you need to know about this most fascinating game!

Here, and at the benefit of our collaborator, we agreed on sharing a FAQ that we often come across.


What are slots?

Slots are the more commonly referred to “one-armed bandits”. They are a machine type of game played directly against the house. The payouts are predetermined over a large selection of spins. You win at slots by getting a winning combination. Back in the days there were three reels with fruit symbols. Three cherries, three bananas – or what have you – in a row, and you’d book a nice profit of dazzling coins piling up in the bucket below.

Today’s slots, however, are far more sophisticated. Most games have 4-6 reels (some even more) and with differently themed symbols depending on the experience. There is everything from Transformers slots to My Little Pony slots out there. The main difference between the new generation slots and the old generation slots are that you don’t necessarily need a horizontal sequence in order to win big. Instead, there are numerous creative ways – and often unintuitive ones at that! – to strike it big. Moreover, there are slots for every taste and kind, and for every wallet alike. You can find C$0,01 slots and you can find C$1000 slots (in which the latter you bet C$1000 per spin!).

How do slots differ from other casino games?

The main difference between slots and other casino games is that slots are played against a stationary machine (or a digital machine if you play online), whereas regular casino games are played against a dealer of some sort – or an opponent, whether real or digital. In this sense, slots are more binary in nature.

Slots are the perfect solitary game for anyone just looking to relax. No abundant and mandatory talking with your neighbor players or the dealer, just you and your slots for some well-deserved “me-time”.

Are you eligible for bonuses when you play slots?

Slots are highly eligible for bonuses of any kind. In fact, slots might be your best call in order to make the most out of your bonus. Slots enable the highest value per C-dollar wagered. If you play baccarat or blackjack, for example, you may find that you may need to wager your money more times than if you were to play slots.

Given the fact that slots tend to have a pretty high average RTP (return to player percent), combining such with a nice bonus of any kind will render you a lot of extra free spins!

What are the most popular slots in Canada?

There is probably no casino game in the world where there are as many new game innovations as with slots. The simple game fundamentals make it possible to create innumerous variations. The best and most popular slots of the day are most easily found on, where the best slots are regularly updated. So do keep an eye out!

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